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Ensuring Business Continuity in Emergency

4/8/2024 (Permalink)

Retail Store After a Fire Retail Store After a Fire

The Importance of Emergency Preparedness

Disasters can strike at any moment, leaving devastation in their wake. For businesses, the consequences can be dire. It's estimated that around 50% of businesses that close due to a disaster, such as fire or flood, never reopen their doors. However, with proper preparation and planning, many of these closures could be avoided.

Here To Help

SERVPRO of Marietta West understands the importance of being prepared for emergencies. Over the years, we've partnered with numerous businesses in the area to help them develop comprehensive emergency response plans. These plans are crucial for minimizing damage and ensuring a swift recovery in the event of a disaster.

How Many Fires Are There?

Consider this:  In 2022 an estimated 1.5 million fires reported across the United States. These fires resulted in a staggering $648 million in property damage. What's more, fire damage tends to be more severe after normal business hours, with fires occurring between 9 PM and 5 AM causing an average of $75,000 in damage. Clearly, having a plan in place to respond to emergencies can make a significant difference in the outcome.

Emergency Plan

Despite the risks, many businesses are unprepared for emergencies. Shockingly, more than 60% of small businesses in the US do not have formal emergency response plans, and they fail to back up their data off-site. This lack of preparedness can have serious consequences. In fact, 80% of companies that fail to recover from a disaster within one month are likely to go out of business altogether. Similarly, 75% of companies without a business contingency plan fail within three years of a disaster.

Data Loss

Data loss is another major concern for businesses. Seventy percent of small businesses that experience significant data loss go out of business within a year. And for those that suffer catastrophic data loss, the outlook is even bleaker—43% of companies never reopen, while 51% close within two years.

What Can You Do?

So, what can businesses do to protect themselves and ensure they're prepared for emergencies? The key is to have a comprehensive emergency ready plan in place. Here are some tips for creating a successful plan:

1. Seek professional assistance: Work with an emergency restoration company to develop your emergency ready profile. These professionals have the expertise and experience to help you create a plan tailored to your business's specific needs.

2. Identify utility shut-off locations: Make sure you know where to find and how to shut off utilities like electricity, gas, and water in case of an emergency.

3. Know your local emergency contacts: Keep a list of important contacts, including fire, police, and hospital personnel, readily available.

4. Establish internal contacts: Designate key personnel within your organization who will be responsible for coordinating emergency response efforts and authorizing necessary actions.

At SERVPRO of Marietta West, we offer the SERVPRO® Ready Plan—a tool designed to help property managers and owners create their emergency ready profile. Our highly trained technicians are available 24/7 to respond to any size disaster, providing expert restoration and cleaning services. With SERVPRO of Marietta West by your side, you can rest assured that your business is prepared to handle whatever comes its way.

Don't wait until it's too late—contact us today to learn more about how we can help protect your business and ensure its continued success. Remember, when it comes to emergencies, it's always better to be safe than sorry.

Storms Can Damage-Here Are Help

4/1/2024 (Permalink)

Roads Flood in East Cobb Georgia Roads Flood in East Cobb

Living in Georgia, severe weather is a familiar occurrence. Our summers, characterized by intense heat and humidity, often usher in sudden thunderstorms accompanied by strong winds, hail, heavy rainfall, and the looming threat of tornadoes. Despite their fleeting nature, these weather events can wreak havoc and cause significant damage to those in their path.

The danger of severe weather extends beyond the storms themselves. The unpredictability and suddenness of these events, combined with a tendency to underestimate their severity, make them particularly hazardous.

Here's why severe weather poses such a threat:

1. Sudden Onset: Severe weather can materialize without much warning. Georgia's climate creates conditions conducive to the rapid formation of thunderstorms, catching people off guard and leaving them scrambling for shelter.

2. Unpredictability: The unpredictability of severe weather necessitates a watch and warning system. Even with advanced technology, these events can still occur suddenly, leaving little time for preparation.

3. Downplaying Risks: Despite our familiarity with severe weather, it's crucial not to downplay its dangers. Each storm is unique and carries the potential for injury, property damage, and even loss of life.

Flooding is a particularly common and devastating consequence of severe weather, surpassing hurricanes, tornadoes, and lightning in its impact. Floods can affect individual homes, entire communities, and even cities, causing widespread damage and disruption.

Here are the primary causes of natural flooding and its different types:

Causes of Natural Flooding:

1. Oceanic Activity: Storm surges, hurricanes, and rising tides can inundate coastal areas, causing extensive damage.

2. Heavy Rainfall: Excessive rainfall or stalled storm systems can lead to flash floods or river flooding, especially in urban areas with inadequate drainage.

3. Snowmelt and Ice Dams: Melting snow and ice can result in flowing water, leading to flooding, particularly when accompanied by ice dams or jams in rivers.

4. Dam and Levee Failures: Failures in dams and levees, as witnessed during events like Hurricane Katrina, can result in catastrophic flooding.

Types of Natural Flooding:

1. Flash Floods: Rapid inundation caused by heavy rainfall overwhelms the ground's capacity to absorb water, resulting in swift and destructive flooding.

2. River Floods: Overflowing rivers breach their banks, causing widespread damage to surrounding areas.

3. Coastal Floods: Storm surges or cyclonic activity elevate ocean levels, leading to flooding in coastal regions.

Regardless of the cause, SERVPRO of East Cobb stands ready to assist with flood recovery efforts for homes and businesses. Our experienced teams are equipped to handle the aftermath of flooding and water damage, providing essential support during challenging times. Contact us anytime for assistance or to learn more about our services.

Why is a SERVPRO Clean Superior

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SERVPRO Cleaning a Commercial Space SERVPRO Clean is Superior

SERVPRO Cleaned (CSC) Standard Service revolves around the containment and mitigation of emerging viral pathogens. At SERVPRO of East Cobb, we don't seek to replace your existing cleaning crew or janitorial services; instead, we aim to complement your current efforts. Our extensively trained and certified technicians utilize EPA registered disinfectants to target specific touchpoints within your facility, excluding inventory or retail merchandise.

Here's a breakdown of our meticulous process:

Step 1:

Prior to receiving your call, SERVPRO of East Cobb undertakes comprehensive training and familiarization with the disinfectants to be used, such as SERVPROXIDE Disinfectant, Benefect Botanical Disinfectant, and Sporicidin Disinfectant Solution. Our technicians review safety precautions, including protocols for personal protective equipment (PPE), application methods, and required product dwell time to ensure effective disinfection.

Step 2:

Our cleaning crews and trained technicians don all necessary PPE, including gloves, tyvek suits, and respirators, to safeguard themselves from pathogens like viruses and bacteria during the cleaning process. Depending on the application method, additional respiratory protection may be required.

Step 3:

We meticulously apply disinfectant to touchpoints using various equipment such as trigger sprayers, pump sprayers, ULV misters, electrostatic sprayers, airless sprayers, or foam applicators. Our technicians strictly adhere to product label directions, ensuring successful application and disinfection. We assess surfaces to prevent streaking or running while maintaining the surface wet for the recommended contact time.

Step 4:

SERVPRO professionals inspect disinfected surfaces, wiping them clean to eliminate any streaking or residues if necessary.

Step 5:

After completing the inspection, technicians perform end-of-visit cleanup. This involves returning all products, supplies, and tools to the work vehicle, bagging disposable items such as towels and PPE according to hazmat disposal procedures when necessary, and ensuring the work site is clean and ready for your employees to return.

Step 6:

Finally, our technician affixes a Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned window cling, complete with the date of service, providing reassurance to your employees and customers that your facility has been Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned.

For further details about our cleaning services and the Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned program, refer to our previous blog posts "Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned - a defensive cleaning program" and "SERVPRO of East Cobb is Here to Help During This Time of Need."

Water Damage? We Can Help

3/18/2024 (Permalink)

Kitchen needing water restoration Kitchen in need of Water Restoration

Following a major leak, flood, or any water intrusion, the cleanup process extends far beyond merely mopping up puddles and allowing carpets to dry. Water damage restoration professionals are tasked with the critical responsibility of sanitizing contaminants, removing irreparable property, and restoring salvageable items. The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) categorizes water damage based on the source of water, distinguishing between clean water, gray water, and black water, each requiring different cleanup approaches.

 Types of Water Damage

Clean water, originating from sanitary sources, poses minimal risk to individuals and typically results from incidents like rainwater or leaking supply lines. Gray water, containing contaminants that may cause discomfort or illness, includes sources such as showers or dishwashers. Black water, the most hazardous category, often stems from sewage or flooding and necessitates extensive sanitization.

 Possible Solutions

Water damage restoration entails three primary stages: mitigation, remediation, and restoration. Mitigation involves halting the damage's progression by stopping the water flow, removing excess water, and drying affected areas. Remediation focuses on cleaning, deodorizing, and sanitizing salvageable materials, while also removing irreparable items. Restoration encompasses repairing and restoring the property to its pre-damaged state.

 Mitigation or Remediation?

Mitigation and remediation steps include assessing the damage severity, removing damaged materials, extracting water, and implementing drying equipment. The aim is to contain the initial damage and prevent its escalation. Remediation involves thorough cleaning and disinfection, particularly in cases of black water damage. However, the distinction between mitigation and remediation can sometimes blur, as both processes overlap in certain scenarios.

Restoration efforts go beyond temporary fixes, involving permanent solutions such as repairing or replacing damaged structures and ensuring moisture levels are sufficiently low to prevent mold growth. While many personal items can be successfully cleaned post-flooding, certain structural elements may require replacement during the restoration process.

We do the Job Right 

Amidst the challenges of water damage restoration, entrusting the task to skilled professionals equipped with advanced technologies can make all the difference. SERVPRO of East Cobb stands out as a beacon of expertise and innovation in the field of water restoration. With a team of highly skilled technicians and access to cutting-edge equipment, SERVPRO of East Cobb is committed to delivering efficient and effective solutions to mitigate and restore water-damaged properties. Utilizing state-of-the-art technologies, such as advanced drying equipment and moisture detection tools, they ensure thorough and precise restoration processes. By harnessing the power of innovation, SERVPRO of East Cobb strives to exceed expectations and provide unparalleled service to their clients in Marietta and the surrounding areas. When facing the aftermath of water damage, trust in the expertise of SERVPRO of East Cobb to restore your property with precision and care.

When repairing water damage, safety precautions are paramount. SERVPRO of East Cobb may do things such as shut off electricity, ensure thorough drying to prevent mold growth, and addressing damaged structural elements promptly. Repair methods include replacing damaged drywall, flooring, and siding, as well as installing waterproof materials to prevent future damage.

Tips for effective water damage repair include maintaining home humidity levels below 60% to inhibit mold growth and comparing replacement versus restoration costs for damaged items. Additionally, precautions should be taken when dealing with contaminated water, and photographic documentation of damage is advised for insurance purposes.

In conclusion, water damage restoration is a multifaceted process requiring meticulous attention to detail and adherence to safety protocols. By following proper procedures and seeking professional assistance when needed, individuals can effectively mitigate and repair water damage, restoring their properties to a safe and habitable condition.

Teach Your Employees to Handle Fires Safely | SERVPRO of East Cobb

4/12/2023 (Permalink)

img src =”extinguisher” alt = "two fire extinguisher hanging on a tan interior wall” > Dealing with the aftermath of a commercial fire? SERVPRO of East Cobb is your local restoration expert.

We never want to deal with an emergency situation at work, but when you don’t prepare for them, the outcome can be much worse. If a fire breaks out in your commercial building, you want the knowledge that you took every precaution to keep everyone safe.

Teach your staff and anyone else using your building the basics of fire safety. The number of people who have never used or been trained to use a fire extinguisher would likely surprise you, but with a few simple steps, you can train anyone to respond properly during an event.

Start With the Fundamentals

In accordance with OSHA rules, any business that has a fire extinguisher must train employees how to use it. That means if you own or manage a commercial building, you have a responsibility to not only ensure your team knows how to handle an extinguisher, but also understands the different kinds that may be in your building.

Start with the basics and have your staff get used to holding and aiming the extinguisher. Once the crew is comfortable with this step, then they should pull the pin and squeeze the handle. Flames should be handled with a sweeping motion, and anyone using the extinguisher should remain six to eight feet away from the fire.

Consider using the acronym PASS as a clever way to remember the step-by-step process. Review the procedure once a year with returning staff, and make the training a part of the onboarding process for any new hires.

While the fundamentals should be a part of every staff member’s training, consider assigning some team members specific tasks and areas of your building to respond to during an event. This can allow you to ensure coverage across your property in order to prevent losses.

There’s a Time and a Place

Part of your training should include the specific threats your building and industry may face. Anyone who uses your commercial property should understand the unique circumstances that could lead to flames.

That means that if you deal with chemicals, have a warehouse or cook with grease, your employees should be experienced with the correct extinguishers in each situation.

Another part of your training should also be making sure your staff knows when to stay and when to go. Fire extinguishers can make a big difference and even save lives, but flames can easily become out of control fast. Sometimes leaving is a better choice then staying and trying to fight.

Mark exits clearly, and go over how to get out if a situation gets out of control. Make sure it is understood that safety is always top priority.

Workplace safety is crucial for creating the best possible outcome in the event of an emergency. Create a solid strategy that covers every situation and train your employees to keep everyone safe. Always start with the basics and master the fundamentals in order to be an effective disaster safe organization.

Dealing with the aftermath of a commercial fire?Our SERVPRO specialists can restore your losses and return your workplace to its pre-fire condition.

Plan a Proper Response to Any Commercial East Cobb Disaster | SERVPRO of East Cobb

4/7/2023 (Permalink)

Hand holding activated fire extinguisher It is important that you research and adhere to industry specific fire prevention best practices as they relate to workplace fires.

As a business owner, you must be prepared for anything that comes your way, from unforeseen setbacks to opportunities that could change your life. As you consider all of the wonderful things you can accomplish by running a business, it’s vital to keep in mind the unexpected situations you and your team may encounter.

When you consider a workplace disaster, you might envision a variety of situations. The type of business you run, the size of your team and the location of your business facility can all affect the commercial catastrophes that might hit your East Cobb workplace.

No matter what kind of disaster strikes, making sure you and your team are fully prepared to respond will be what keeps you in business after the threat has passed. The following are some of the most common emergencies that could derail your East Cobb business.

A Workplace Fire

Commercial flames can create a chaotic workplace environment that is difficult to control if you are not prepared. The absence of a fire safety strategy could endanger your team and cost you a lot of money if your commercial building is damaged.

To keep flames from starting in the first place, you must identify potential hazards and teach your team the best practices for avoiding workplace fires. You should also ensure that every employee is fire extinguisher-trained in order to prevent a minor fire from spreading.

The cherry on top of a fantastic commercial fire response plan is practicing a fire drill and assigning roles for when flames break out!

Deadly Natural Disasters

East Cobb could be struck by calamity at any moment, which makes it vital for you and your team to plan ahead. Weather emergencies like tornadoes, flooding, the extended effects of hurricanes and more could shut you down for good if you don’t have a proper preparedness plan!

Communication is the key to keeping you and your crew safe during a natural disaster. Having a way to communicate inside and outside of work will allow you to keep your team updated as an East Cobb disaster unfolds.

Inform your employees of any impending weather threats ahead of time and keep them updated as conditions change so they know what to do. You’ll need to provide information on local weather updates, shelter-in-place locations throughout the building and any other lockdown procedures during a storm.

Unexpected Emergency Interruptions

Beyond natural disasters and fatal flames, there are plenty of other unique threats you might run into on your commercial property. Dangerous mold

growth, chemical or sewage spills and other biohazards may force you to close your doors temporarily until it is safe for your team to return. goes into great detail and breaks down some of the most common commercial emergencies to anticipate. These suggestions can be helpful for any business owner who wants to be prepared for workplace emergencies of all sizes.

SERVPRO of East Cobb can also lend a hand when your business is dealing with disasters of all shapes and sizes! We can get to work instantly so that you and your team can recover rapidly from any unforeseen roadblock.

Has an unexpected commercial crisis put a halt to your operations? Our expert team can get you back on track as soon as you call.

Is Your East Cobb Home Spring-Ready? | SERVPRO of East Cobb

4/6/2023 (Permalink)

rake cleaning up leaves and hard clippings on green grass lawn If your Cobb County home suffers storm damage, call SERVPRO so we can help stabilize your property and restore it "Like it never even happened."

In many parts of the country, winterizing your home ahead of the winter season is mandatory. In East Cobb, we winter-proof our homes as a precaution, but overall, winter doesn’t pose as much of a threat as the dangers that springtime brings.

Just as homeowners in other areas prepare their homes for the winter season, you must prepare your home for the dangerous weather threats that the coming months will bring here. Knowing what to expect and preparing your home will allow you to enjoy the May flowers, after the April showers, of course!

Here’s what you can do to spring-proof your home before the new season arrives:

Brace for the Weather

Before you begin your spring upkeep, you should be aware of the specific threats that could hit our area this season. Heavy rains, strong winds and deadly tornadoes are all possibilities during the spring season.

Once spring arrives, you’ll need to keep track of any upcoming weather events or advisories so you can react on time. Preparing your home before these threats arrive in our area will give you peace of mind that you are ready to face the spring season!

Prepare Your Roof

The spring weather can wreak havoc on your entire house, but your roof is especially vulnerable. Existing wear and tear may be exacerbated when strong winds and tornadoes sweep through East Cobb, leaving your home vulnerable to the wrath of spring.

Regular maintenance is the best way to keep your roof in good condition and safeguard you and your home from the dangers of spring. Repair any missing or damaged shingles before the spring season, and make sure any leaks are repaired as well, to avoid a water disaster when the spring showers begin to pour.

Your gutters and downspouts play an important role in the protection of your roof and home. Give them a thorough cleaning by removing twigs, leaves and any other debris.

Tidy Up the Yard

Don’t limit your spring-cleaning efforts to the inside of your home; your yard might need some attention as well! Strong wind gusts in the spring can easily throw debris and other outdoor objects directly at your home, causing damage.

Take some time to walk around your yard and clean up leaves, twigs or anything else that could be thrown. While you're doing your yard work, have any branches trimmed to prevent them from breaking off and falling onto your home or property when the wind picks up.

When the spring weather is nice enough to go outside and enjoy the fresh air, the patio is the ideal place to unwind. To keep your outdoor furniture from blowing away, be sure to fasten everything down and consider putting certain objects in storage to prevent damage.

Spring can be a beautiful time of year, but Mother Nature can be unpredictable and leave us vulnerable to severe weather. Ensure your East Cobb home is fully prepared so you can take on whatever spring throws your way!

If spring weather leaves you with destruction, reach out to SERVPRO ASAP! We can begin the restoration process immediately and reverse the damage.

Spring Showers and All the Flooded Flowers | SERVPRO of East Cobb

3/29/2023 (Permalink)

Storm clouds When storm damage happens, call SERVPRO. We make storm and flood damage "Like it never even happened."

While it may not be coming fast enough for some of us, spring is quickly approaching—and with it, the excitement of renewal. Putting away winter clothes, planning out gardens and spending all day outside are just a few of the things we all look forward to each year. While you plan for the new season, make sure you also plan to prepare your home for all the weather that will come with it.

Just as you likely spend a good deal of time spring-cleaning inside, take the time to start cleaning around the outside of your home in order to prepare for heavy rains, winds and potential tornadoes.

Clean It Out

This has been a rainy winter, which could have led to buildup in your gutters from loose leaves or other debris. When water cannot properly flow through your gutter system and out your downspouts, it can spill over onto your roof, which can lead to leaks in your attic.

Walk your property and remove any piled-up debris from vents as well, particularly near your HVAC unit and dryer. Cleaning these out can not only prevent water intrusions, but it can also protect your home from fire and prolong the life of these pricey appliances.

If you have already uncovered your outdoor faucets, take a look at them and make sure there are no cracks or drips. Due to the extreme freeze we experienced this winter, many pipes froze, which could have left hairline cracks in your system as they thawed. While it is likely safe to leave them safe and turn the water back on if it was off for the season, keep covers nearby for the late spring freezes that are common here in Georgia.

Fix Issues Fast

Even in a mild winter, most of us spend the cold season indoors. All of this time inside can make it a challenge to find issues in your roof or around the foundation that may have started during the winter.

Because our weather gets warmer earlier than most areas of the country, use a warm week to get on your roof and check for loose or missing shingles. Look for visible signs of damage, particularly around eaves and chimney flashing. Leaks are common from aging in these areas.

It doesn’t take long for a little drip to become a big problem, so address issues as quickly as possible to avoid a total disaster.

Get Ready for the Water

Spring always brings a lot of rain, so taking action now can mean staying dry later. If your basement has a sump pump, thoroughly inspect it to ensure there are no breaks or blockages in the lines. A backed-up sump pump can lead to a basement full of water rather quickly, so you want to ensure yours is working well now in order to be prepared for the season.

Check your family’s emergency kit as well, and switch out seasonal items for rain gear. Check batteries and expiration dates, and make sure your communication plan is up to date. You need two ways to receive weather alerts, including one that doesn’t require external power. Our weather can become volatile quickly in the spring, so the more prepared you are now the safer you can keep your family.

Even the most prepared home could still see water damage, but the good news is you have a team of experts right in your backyard. We have the training and equipment to respond to your home day or night and start getting things dried out right away. It is our goal to save as much of your belongings as possible and get you back in your home fast.

Got water damage? We are here to help 247 and can restore your home quickly.

Water Damage Causes in Buildings | SERVPRO of East Cobb

3/17/2023 (Permalink)

img src =”mold” alt = "corner of interior wall showing signs of black mold from water damage” > Experienced water damage in your commercial building? SERVPRO of East Cobb can help you get dried out quickly.

Water is one of the top causes of damage in commercial buildings. Even a simple leaky toilet can lead to substantial damage when left undetected long-term.

When you own or manage a commercial building, you have a lot on your plate, and catching every leak or drip can feel like an impossible challenge. Get to know the most leak-prone areas in your building so that you can take proactive steps to prevent a total disaster.

3 Common Sources

An interruption in your business is never a good thing. Closing the doors because of water damage will not only cost you thousands in repairs and restoration, but it can also lead to income losses while you wait for everything to be cleaned up.

Start regularly checking water leak-prone areas as part of your everyday maintenance so that you can catch a problem before it causes damage.

  1. The Roof - A leak in your roof can happen as a result of a severe weather event or from age and general deterioration. When left unchecked, a roof leak can cause damage on every level of your building. Clean your gutters year-round and check your roof quarterly and after every major wind or ice event to catch and repair issues quickly.
  2. Bathrooms - Pipes on toilets and sinks can leak from a hole the size of a pin and are the cause of nearly 15% of all water loss in commercial buildings. Assign multiple members of your maintenance crew to checking all the bathrooms for dripping noises or standing water. Stop leaks quickly to avoid severe damages.
  3. Water Heaters/HVAC/Boilers. If your building has large appliances that have a water line or create condensation, there is potential for them to leak. Drains and loose pipe connections can lead to leaks that might be hard to find. Check for puddles near your heating and cooling units, and pay attention to water pressure changes in your building. These are both indicators of an issue that if caught early can be stopped before disaster strikes.

Take Preventive Steps

With the exception of a natural disaster that leaves your building flooded, most forms of water damage can be prevented when an event is addressed quickly. Prepare your building and your staff now and you can lower your risks greatly.

Start by preparing a maintenance plan that covers your whole building and ensures someone is looking at plumbing regularly.

If you have a plan that isn’t cutting it or don’t even know where to begin on a plan, let us at SERVPRO work with to create an Emergency Ready Plan that will break down your response process step by step.

Make sure your plan includes every fixture in your building, including any kitchen sinks. Find your water shut-off valves throughout the building, and train several staff members to turn the water off in the event of an emergency.

Moving quickly will always be the best way to control damages during a water event. Handle the immediate situation first as safely as possible, then call SERVPRO. We are available 247 to start your restoration process quickly so that you can keep business going.

Experienced water damage in your commercial building? Contact us to get dried out quickly.

The Crucial Components of a Fire Evacuation Plan | SERVPRO of East Cobb

3/17/2023 (Permalink)

Over loaded electrical outlet burst into flames SERVPRO is here to help when fire damage happens. Our highly trained technicians can restore your home while also restore your peace of mind.

Residential fires are unpredictable, which can be catastrophic for both your family and the safety of your property. Preparedness is the key to protecting the ones you love, even when the situation catches you completely off-guard.

Unlike residential flames, being prepared doesn’t just happen out of the blue! You’ll need to plan ahead of time to ensure that your entire family can escape a fire unharmed. Escaping quickly and securely is entirely dependent on the plan you create based on your own home layout and the fire threats that lurk within.

Consider this useful information as you and your family work together to form a fire escape master plan:

Consider All of the Possibilities

Your East Cobb home, like many others across the country, contains a variety of fire threats. Identifying the potential dangers lurking in your home will help you understand what might necessitate an escape plan and emphasize its importance.

Knowing the primary causes of fires can also help you prevent an emergency before you have to put your plan into action! Staying cautious while cooking, warming up with a space heater and using electrical gadgets could help you avoid disaster all together.

Small fires may not necessitate an emergency evacuation and can be controlled with extinguishing procedures and a quick response time. Developing a communication plan when a crisis of any size arises can allow your loved ones to know whether a rapid evacuation is necessary.

Timing Is Everything

A quick escape is the most important component to include in your fire evacuation strategy since it will allow you to get to safety if flames erupt. Without a strategy, you and your family will have no idea where to go when a fire breaks out, which can be deadly in the face of flames.

Develop an exit strategy for each room in the house and keep the path to safety clear of clutter at all times. It also helps to make sure your smoke alarms are operational so that you can respond on time when a fire is present.

2 Ways to Exit

Locate two exits in each room of your home that everyone can get to as fast as possible when disaster is on the rise. Two exits are essential so that you can get out even if one route is closed.

Show your family the main escape points you’ve chosen, and practice your evacuation a few times so they know where to go. If your home has multiple stories, a fire escape ladder is a great investment that can help each family member leave unharmed.

Reach out to SERVPRO when your East Cobb home suffers a fire emergency! We can repair the destruction and return you to a damage-free residence.