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Teach Your Employees to Handle Fires Safely | SERVPRO of East Cobb

4/12/2023 (Permalink)

img src =”extinguisher” alt = "two fire extinguisher hanging on a tan interior wall” > Dealing with the aftermath of a commercial fire? SERVPRO of East Cobb is your local restoration expert.

We never want to deal with an emergency situation at work, but when you don’t prepare for them, the outcome can be much worse. If a fire breaks out in your commercial building, you want the knowledge that you took every precaution to keep everyone safe.

Teach your staff and anyone else using your building the basics of fire safety. The number of people who have never used or been trained to use a fire extinguisher would likely surprise you, but with a few simple steps, you can train anyone to respond properly during an event.

Start With the Fundamentals

In accordance with OSHA rules, any business that has a fire extinguisher must train employees how to use it. That means if you own or manage a commercial building, you have a responsibility to not only ensure your team knows how to handle an extinguisher, but also understands the different kinds that may be in your building.

Start with the basics and have your staff get used to holding and aiming the extinguisher. Once the crew is comfortable with this step, then they should pull the pin and squeeze the handle. Flames should be handled with a sweeping motion, and anyone using the extinguisher should remain six to eight feet away from the fire.

Consider using the acronym PASS as a clever way to remember the step-by-step process. Review the procedure once a year with returning staff, and make the training a part of the onboarding process for any new hires.

While the fundamentals should be a part of every staff member’s training, consider assigning some team members specific tasks and areas of your building to respond to during an event. This can allow you to ensure coverage across your property in order to prevent losses.

There’s a Time and a Place

Part of your training should include the specific threats your building and industry may face. Anyone who uses your commercial property should understand the unique circumstances that could lead to flames.

That means that if you deal with chemicals, have a warehouse or cook with grease, your employees should be experienced with the correct extinguishers in each situation.

Another part of your training should also be making sure your staff knows when to stay and when to go. Fire extinguishers can make a big difference and even save lives, but flames can easily become out of control fast. Sometimes leaving is a better choice then staying and trying to fight.

Mark exits clearly, and go over how to get out if a situation gets out of control. Make sure it is understood that safety is always top priority.

Workplace safety is crucial for creating the best possible outcome in the event of an emergency. Create a solid strategy that covers every situation and train your employees to keep everyone safe. Always start with the basics and master the fundamentals in order to be an effective disaster safe organization.

Dealing with the aftermath of a commercial fire?Our SERVPRO specialists can restore your losses and return your workplace to its pre-fire condition.

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